Welcome to Abroad Education …

About Us

Every program offered by Abroad Education will provide you with the ‘experience of a lifetime’

Abroad Education is an Australian based ‘not for profit’ organisation dedicated to providing meaningful cross cultural experiences for every program participant.

Born from the belief that ‘the best way to see the future is to help create it’ a dedicated Board of Management formed Abroad Education in 2011. Our programs will formally commence in April 2012.

Our staff combine experience in education, cross cultural experience, employment , training and mentoring.

What we can do for you

Abroad Education will:

  • Supply all the information needed to assist you in making your program decision.
  • Provide ongoing proffesional support throughout your program.
  • Work to ensure that you achieve your aims.

What we currently offer

Abroad Education offers the following programs:

  • Trainee and Intern programs for people coming to Australia.
  • ¬†Trainee and Intern programs for Australians heading overseas.
  • My Community Challenge – Volunteer programs for International and Australian Students.
  • Au Pair programs for people coming to Australia.